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[REJECTED] 76561198046714212 (BIG BOIIIIII)

Discussion in 'Archive - Report A Scammer' started by NoobMayCry, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Description: I wouldnt say its a scam, but i would like to report as trolling behaviour.
    on 29/12 i was doing shout out for FB boar Blue + 15 keys for Frost drake, he added me and he wanted to deal. So i invite trade him, he told me " sec " and he doesnt reply me anymore.*unable to screenshot at first time* then i was doing shout out again the next day in dota2trader chat, and he reply me that igored him yesterday and didnt do the trade. so i told him that come anytime , my offer is solid. * screenie it*
    he came and talk to me in steam chat saying that, i unfreind him yesterday and so on. so i asked him to trade again instead of FB boar blue+15 keys , he wanted FB boar +tb. so i tell him DEAL. lets trade. i sent him invite again, and he told me he need to go pee urgent, and he went MIA just like yesterday. this time i screenshot it to report.
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    UPDATED then TODAYs again.
    I will close this if he traded me his frost drake.

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  2. wuvs Cookies!

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    yes unfortunately i cannot mark for this. this isnt a scam as much as a misunderstanding between traders. my advice would be to give up trying to trade with someone who you feel is being rude to you. its almost never worth it. thanks for the info though! we will certainly keep an eye on this kind of behavior!

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