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List of official D2T middlemen


Dota2Traders is NOT responsible for any items or money lost due to impersonator scams. It is your own responsibility to check whether you are dealing with a real middleman or not. To learn more about these scams and how to avoid them please read the guide HERE.

When seeking a middle man, please contact the middleman listed below corresponding to the item value you are looking to trade. If that middleman is not available, then move on to a asking a different middleman at higher value tiers. If for any reason no D2T middlemen are available, you can find the list of [+]SteamRep middlemen HERE.

A Dota2Traders middleman will NEVER send you a friend request for a middleman transaction. You must ALWAYS add us. The best way to ensure you are adding the real person is to reach their profile by clicking on it below.

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