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Update [08/09/13]

• Auto-Bump (VIPs) now works. Made changes to timescales for bumping. (Users=1.5h, Donator=1h, Gold=45m, VIP=45m - with autobump)
• Auto trade close fixed.
• Item donations can now be accepted again.
• Fixed bug where offers were not showing correctly.
• Fixed bug where text would overlay the offer in some circumstances.
• Offers can now be made with no items. Simply press next phase without selecting any items.
• Links placed in comments will now autoparse into a clickable URL.
Update [05/09/13]

• User profiles enhanced. More options and more information available on them.
• Speed fixes. Fixed caching issue, fixed steamAPI request issue. Made site faster in general (Yay!)
• Added changelog. Woot
• Altered dashboard re-arange notification effect
• Linked usernames/avatars to profiles in a number of places
• Rank ribbons now show on trades
• Most traded item list now clickable. Clicking item takes you to a search for that item
• Timezone fix. Setting your timezone in User Settings -> Prefences on the forum affects times show on Marketplace
• Added full backpack button to quickview backpacks to highlight this feature to those who are blind didn't see the backpack button
• Added page selector to the bottom of recent trade view
• Made links posted in comments/trade comments clickable
• Marketplace activity now reflects on the 'Online Now' box on the forum
• Search results tidied up and more buttons added
• Search now respects colour, effects and quality options
Initial Public Release

--Initial beta release to the public.
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